888 Casino Slots

With an active online poker room, sportsbook, and casino, the 888 Casino has quickly become one of the leading online gaming sites in the industry. They have been providing players with different gaming options since 1997, so at this point in time, they are an extremely reputable and well-known company.

There is no doubt that 888 Casino offers one of the most comprehensive selections of slots in the industry. The company has a wide variety of titles that vary in theme, structure, and the prizes available. We consider this to be one of the best sites where you can play online slot machines.

At The Game Day Casino, we have you covered as we take a look at 888 Casino’s slot selection and analyze the value it can bring to new players who want to join the action.

What Do We Like About 888 Casino Slots?

Excellent Variety of Titles

There is an outstanding variety of slot games to be found at 888 Casino, and this is one of the main reasons people tend to play there. At 888 Casino, there are various types of slots and different pay structures, as well as awesome themes that you can choose from. On the casino’s platform, they have their slot titles divided into subsections so that players can easily find the slot that is exactly what they are looking for. For example, there are subsections such as ‘Megaways’ slots, ‘888 Daily Jackpot’ slots, and ‘Trending’ slots.

Slot Quantity

In addition to the wide variety of slots that you will find at 888 Casino, you will also be able to find a vast number of slot titles. Despite the fact that the industry is currently undergoing a process of beefing up its slot offerings for its online platforms, 888 Casino already ranks among the best in the space. The 888 Casino website has all of these slot titles divided into subsections which, as we mentioned earlier, are separated into dozens of different categories for you to choose from.

Slot Related Promotions

As well as the amazing variety of slots and the fact that 888 Casino offers so many slots, they also have a lot of outstanding promotions that are offered as a means of helping the players to get a little more playing power.

On most days, there are a number of different promotions running for slots specifically for new members, as well as a number of incentives for current players listed on the website. As part of its daily promotion, the 888 Casino gives all users the opportunity to spin the Wheel of Fortune on a daily basis. The spins will award associated prizes to players who take advantage of this opportunity.

New users are usually the ones to receive promotions, however. Currently, there are three active slot-related bonuses available on the site. This includes 100% match deposit bonuses, premium welcome packages based on the amount of action that players make within their first week, and 88 free spins granted at predetermined slots without having to make a deposit.

Simple Interface

The task of figuring out how to use an online casino’s interface and how to make deposits and withdrawals can be daunting to many new players. The process can be difficult at some online casinos, but the 888 Casino does the exact opposite.

With regard to the user experience, The Game Day Casino has identified 888 as one of the easiest-to-use online casino platforms to use when compared to its competitors. This makes 888 Casino all the more appealing to users who are actively seeking platforms that do not have any learning curve associated with it so that they can give it a test drive.

Top 5 Classic Slots At 888 Casino

There are some slot players who like to play titles that give them a great thematic experience and have tons of additional intricacies to them, while there are others who prefer classic slots. These are considered to be the most basic of all slot machines due to the fact that they have a minimum number of reels and are referred to as three-reel slots.

There is no shortage of these types of slots at the legal 888 Casino, which offers tons of different variations to choose from. There are a variety of penny slots as well as high limit slots that can be played, which allows the player pool to have some form of variety when it comes to their choice of machines.

Blazin’ Hot 7’s Stack ‘Em Up

Blazin’ Hot 7’s Stack ‘Em Up is one of the most popular classic slots at 888 Casino. Its original form of Blazin’ Hot 7’s forms the basis of this slot, but instead of sticking to its classic three-reel design, there are opportunities for players to achieve cascading reels and the ability to unlock additional reels with a feature called ‘Stack ‘Em Up’.

Top Features of Blazin’ Hot 7’s Stack ‘Em Up

  • This slot features five pay lines
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.20 while the maximum bet is $10.00
  • The maximum payout is $250,000
  • This slot has a solid 96.06 percent RTP
  • Classic 3-reel format that can expand into more reels with in-game features
  • Each Stack ‘Em Up symbol unlocks a new set of reels
  • Free spins bonuses can be triggered via Stack ‘Em Up bonuses with the maximum multiplier in free spin play being a 10x

Classic Slot: Double Cash Spinner

Double Cash Spinner is another one of the new, popular classic slot offerings at 888 Casino. This slot is advertised as one of the medium volatility slots on the platform and is one of the more popular penny slots at 888 Casino. This slot machine uses classic symbols like the ‘7’, ’77’, and ‘777’ in addition to ‘BAR’ and ‘BONUS’ wheels.

Top Features of Double Cash Spinner

  • This slot features nine different pay lines
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.01 and the maximum wager is $22.50
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $250,000
  • The slot has a fairly average 94.04 percent RTP
  • Classic 3-reel format with additional pay lines, more than most classic slot offerings
  • Cash Spinner bonus rounds can be unlocked if the wheel stops with the pointer on a golden star, advancing player to the wheel for multiplier winnings

Classic Slot: Triple Gold

Triple Gold is one of the most popular classic slots at 888 Casino that has been around the longest. Featuring one of the highest RTP percentages and max bets of any classic slot of its kind, Triple Gold is one of the most rewarding titles to play with minimal risk. Triple Gold is brought to 888 Casino by IGT, one of the most reputable slot machine providers in the industry. This machine has classic symbols like ‘7’, ’77’, and ‘777’ while also having triple symbols that multiply winnings.

Top Features of Triple Gold

  • This slot features five different pay lines
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.01 and the maximum wager is $250.00
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $250,000, similar to other classic slots of its kind
  • This slot has a relatively high 96.56 percent RTP
  • Classic 3-reel format with standard pay line total
  • Five standard symbols and five sub-symbol feature symbols
  • Triple sub-symbols multiply wins by three with multiple ‘Triple’ symbols multiplying a win by up to 27x

Classic Slot: Double Ruby

Double Ruby is another one of the most played classic slots on the 888 Casino platform, featuring three reels like other slots of its ilk. For classic slots, this is one of the most lucrative in terms of potential payouts and thus requires a higher minimum bet to play. The RTP is surprisingly excellent for a slot of this nature, making it a personal favorite of players on 888 Casino.

Top Features of Double Ruby

  • This slot features nine different pay lines, more than the average classic slot
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.90 and the maximum bet is $450.00, making this one of the highest limit slots in the classic slot section
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $500,000, doubling most other classics’ max payouts
  • This slot has a relatively high RTP of 96.00 percent
  • Double Ruby symbols grant multipliers when landing in conjunction with specific 7s and BARs
  • Single Double Ruby symbol awards 2x pay table value with two symbols granting 4x pay table value

Classic Slot: Double Jackpot Smokin’ 777

One of the most common brick-and-mortar classic slots, Double Jackpot Smokin’ 777 is a fan favorite in the slot community. Represented with a solid RTP, low limits, and ease of use, there is no question why this slot is as popular as it is. The theme of this slot is also one that is typically exhibited by classic slots of its nature and can bring online slot players into the venue as if they were in a true live casino playing the Double Jackpot Smokin’ 777 slot.

Top Features of Double Jackpot Smokin’ 777

  • This slot features five different pay lines, an average amount for classic slot titles
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.25 and the maximum bet is $250.00
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $502,000
  • This slot has a relatively high 96.00 percent RTP
  • Matching Double Jackpot symbols can double or quadruple individual spin wins
  • Three Double Jackpot symbols on Line 5 produce massive payouts
  • Double Jackpot symbol represents the only wild in this slot and is what produces all winning combinations

Top 5 Video Slots At 888 Casino

Since video slots have become far more popular in the last couple of decades, they are now represented by the majority of slots you can find in brick-and-mortar casinos today. It is very common for video slots to have five reels, making it significantly more hectic when it comes to tally of winnings in comparison to the simpler nature of classic slots.

While the complexities of the five reel video slots can be overwhelming, players can get rewarded for getting through the learning curve with higher payouts on average than the typical classic slot. 888 Casino has its player base covered when it comes to this subcategory of slots with hundreds of titles to choose from.

Age of Conquest

Age of Conquest is one of the newer and most popular video slots on the 888 Casino platform, featuring an exorbitant amount of pay lines and ease of use. The minimum and maximum bets are relatively affordable and are mostly in line with classic three-reel slots despite being a five-reel slot.

The RTP percentage is also quite high for a video slot and has medium volatility. The theme of this slot is set in a mythical world that has become a favorite amongst 888 Casino slot players.

Top Features of Age of Conquest

  • This slot feature 20 different pay lines, a relatively low amount for video slots
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $200.00
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $100,000
  • This slot has a relatively high 96.14 percent RTP for slots in this category
  • Wild Reel feature makes all symbols in a specific reel wild for a single spin
  • Wild Reels are active for two wagered spins in a standard base game
  • This feature is active for 1 to 3 random reels during free spins depending on a player’s predetermined choice
  • Free Spins Scatter symbols are present throughout the Wild Reel when it appears

Cash Noire

In the subcategory of video slots, another fan favorite at 888 Casino is Cash Noire. 888 Casino offers some of the most exhibited pay lines of any video slot available at their site, and this low to medium volatility slot is no exception. In addition to its solid RTP percentage, low minimum bet, and standard format, this is a slot that can be played easily and has understandably become a favorite among slot players.

In this section of slot types, it is pretty difficult to find a low volatility video slot, so this is one of those titles that should be played no matter what the circumstances are. This slot has a unique theme with a detective and a femme fatale taking center stage as you are forced to look for clues to trigger special features on the slot and win big.

Top Features of Cash Noire

  • This slot features 1,024 different pay lines, an extremely high amount for video slots
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $200.00
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $100,000
  • This slot has a relatively high RTP for slots in this category, set at 96.06 percent
  • Mystery Symbols play enormous roles in this slot as they can be triggered after spins that do not win
  • A winning bet triggers an Avalanche feature, also known as a tumble so that winning combination symbols in a reel are removed and replaced with new symbols
  • The Crime Zone ad Clue List help deliver free spins and multipliers while also increasing wild spots on reels
  • City Chase Map and Multiplier helps players increase chances at free spins

Apollo Stacks

Apollo Stacks is a very unique video slot that has many characteristics that are not like other slots of its nature. These include a higher bet minimum, higher maximum payout, and a relatively small amount of pay lines. This slot finds its theme in the realm of Ancient Greek mythology with Apollo as the front man. Ancient relics and archery are the primary symbols of this slot and gold is up for grabs.

Top Features of Apollo Stacks

  • This slot features 50 different pay lines, a mediocre amount for a video slot
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.60 and the maximum bet is $120.00
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $250,000, making it one of the highest top payouts for video slots on the platform
  • This slot has a relatively high RTP for video slots, sitting at 95.99 percent
  • Jackpots are triggered by filling reels with one or two gold background symbols, awarding Mini jackpots, Minor jackpots, and Major jackpots
  • Apollo Stacks FT symbols appearing on Reel 5 will have Reels 1 through 4 expand to a gold background, triggering an expansion feature during base games and free spins
  • The gold feature of Apollo Stacks can be triggered during any base game spin with up to four reels turning into reels where every symbol matches with a gold background
  • Three bonus symbols appearing on odd numbered reels award free spins and free credit winnings
  • Free spins can range anywhere from six to 15 total

Cosmic Heart

Taking players on a voyage through outer space, the Cosmic Heart video slot is one of the best video slots to play from a thematic point of view. The benefits of this slot do not stop there as there are tons of ways to win with an enormous maximum payout and tons of wilds and free spins for the taking.

Cosmic Heart is an excellent slot to play passively as it is easy to understand with pay tables that are basic and a high RTP percentage that favors the player as much as possible. The one thing to note with Cosmic Heart, however, is that it is one of the most volatile slots on the 888 Casino platform, especially when compared to other video slots of its kind.

Top Features of Cosmic Heart

  • This slot features 20 different pay lines, a relatively low amount for a video slot at 888 Casino
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.20 while the maximum bet is $40.00, providing one of the smallest ranges of bet sizing for any type of slot on the platform
  • The maximum payout for this slot is $300,000, making it one of the biggest max payouts for any video slot
  • This slot has a relatively high 96.00 percent RTP despite its borderline excessive volatility
  • Special feature symbols run rampant in this slot’s base games with Purple Credits, Blue Down Arrow Wilds, Blue Multi Arrow Wilds, Green Multipliers, Red Planets, and Blue
  • Planets representing different multipliers
  • Free spins are granted based on these special feature symbols
  • The Pick Bonus feature starts with Blue Planets appearing above Golden Cosmic Hearts and adds to the multiplier with Green Emeralds increasing the multiplier as well
  • Blue Swirls also provide an even greater multiplier

Arena of Gold

Arena of Gold is truly a masterpiece in terms of its visual presentation. It is personally one of the most beautifully painted slot machines that The Game Day Casino has ever seen. In combination with its excellent graphics, the slot machine itself is also excellent with standard gameplay and plenty of ways to win with Wilds and respin retriggering features.

This slot’s theme is largely based in medieval times when gold was a prevalent piece of stature and as such, the slot is largely based on gold’s presence. All in all, this is one of the best and most comprehensive slot machines on the 888 Casino platform.

Top Features of Arena of Gold

  • This slot features 25 different pay lines, a relatively low amount for video slots in 888 Casino’s subcategory
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.10 and the maximum bet is $50.00, providing one of the smallest ranges of betting that can be found at 888 Casino
  • The maximum payout for Arena of Gold is $250,000 which is absolutely massive, especially when compared to other subcategories of slot machines on the platform
  • This slot has a quite solid 96.20 percent RTP, making it one of the most player friendly offerings in the 888 Casino video slot lineup
  • Golden Respin Feature can be triggered in base games and free spins
  • 6 Coin Symbols on all reels trigger Golden Respin feature
  • Every coin symbol represents different multiplier values that range from 1x a player’s original bet all the way up to a 100x score
  • Respins give players a total of three spins
  • If the spin results with at least one coin symbol, the spin counter resets to three and allows users to continue to try and churn out massive scores in free play

Top 5 Progressive Slots at 888 Casino

Progressive slots have steadily increased in popularity in the slot gaming community in recent years due to their massive potential payouts and their excellent graphics, on average. Progressive slots are now synonymous with jackpot slots. The basis of progressives is that they present a top jackpot type of prize that continues to build as players play on the slot. Once the jackpot is hit, it resets to a predetermined minimum amount that users can hit once again.

Most progressives also stop at a certain amount, and some of the higher limit slots can produce a payday that is north of a million dollars in total. In comparison to classic slots and video slots, on average, progressive slots are more volatile. However, with the volatility comes the potential of exponentially larger payouts that cannot be found at practically any other gambling site in a casino, both of the online and brick-and-mortar varieties.

If you have not yet tried out a progressive slot, The Game Day Casino highly recommends doing so. The big score that has been evading your pockets could be waiting for you at 888 Casino’s menu of top progressive slot machines with 888 slot jackpots.

Divine Fortune Megaways

The Divine Fortune Megaways slot is one of the best progressive slots present on the 888 Casino platform. Divine Fortune Megaways presents some of the best value amongst the progressive slot subcategory due to an uncharacteristically high RTP rate and an exorbitant amount of pay lines. The max payout for this slot is also a million dollars, making it one of the largest progressive pay pools of any online slot at any platform, not just present at 888 Casino online.

There are also a plethora of excellent free spins and Wild symbol opportunities to unlock additional multipliers to bunch up on prize winnings for the slot. The volatility of the slot is pretty medium rare as well, making it a huge value for all players overall. The reasonable minimum bet makes this slot accessible for just about any online gaming enthusiast looking to get some action in on 888 Casino.

Top Features of Divine Fortune Megaways

  • This slot features 117,649 pay lines, a massive amount even for a progressive slot
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.10 while the maximum bet on this slot is $100.00, a solid range of betting available
  • The maximum payout for Divine Fortune Megaways is $1,000,000, making it one of the most massive maximum payouts for any slot in the 888 Casino lineup
  • For being a progressive jackpot slot, the 96.09 percent RTP exhibited by Divine Fortune Megaways is quite high, providing an excellent winning chance for players
  • Pegasus Wild symbols trigger free spins bonus rounds with all wilds expanding to cover an entire reel that triggers re-spin opportunities and opens up additional jackpots
  • Megaways opportunities are available every spin during the base game and in during free spins periods
  • Falling Wilds Re-Spins are present in the slot that allow players to potentially receive re-spin possibilities
  • Wild on Wild feature is activated if players get consecutive wild symbols
  • Four Free Spins symbols unlock 10 Free Spins bonus round
  • Gold Bonus Win symbols unlock multipliers of up to 500x bet with Silver Bonus Win symbols at 25x, and Bronze Bonus Win symbols at 10x

Grand Spinn Superpot

Grand Spinn Superpot is one of the most advertised progressive slot machines in the online 888 Casino platform. This progressive is unique to others as there is only one pay line and only three reels in play on this slot. The minimum bet and maximum bet for this slot are quite reasonable for progressive slots, but the maximum payout for this slot is relatively low for its subcategory.

This slot is also amongst the most volatile of all 888 Casino progressives and has mediocre graphics overall. However, this slot is one of the best in terms of overall performance and delivers a respectable RTP percentage holistically.

Top Features of Grand Spinn Superpot

  • This slot features only one pay line, the absolute minimum for any slot, not just progressive slots at 888 Casino
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.20 and the maximum bet is $200.00, providing a solid range of betting for slot players on the platform
  • The maximum payout for this slot is $400,000, making it one of the slots with the highest payment potential at 888 Casino, but also one of the lowest maximum payouts amongst progressive slots
  • Standing at a 96.21 percent RTP, Grand Spinn Superpot has one of the highest expected values in terms of theoretical return to player
  • Slot contains a ‘Nudge’ feature that aids in a tumbling effect to mass produce wins
  • Multiplier Wild symbols show up and can multiply wins by up to 8 times the original bet
  • Mega Jackpot symbols are rare, but do exist in this slot with three granting players the Mega Jackpot, 2 symbols in addition to a Midi Jackpot symbol will grant a Midi Jackpot, and one of each symbols grants a Mini Jackpot

Tiger Lord Imperial 88

The Tiger Lord Imperial 88 slot is one of the most visually appealing progressive slots offered within the 888 Casino subsection. Players are taken through a palace where tigers play an unsurprisingly huge role in payouts for this game as they represent a large chunk of the Wilds and multipliers. Tiger symbols can also trigger Imperial Jackpot Bonuses with four other jackpots available to win.

Free spins can be triggered on this slot at any time as well, making it one of the more well-rounded progressives you can find at 888 Casino. Tiger Lord Imperial 88 also contains Hold and Win features that can unlock scatters and free spins with the chance at multipliers for every spin. All in all, this slot features one of the most comprehensive experiences for any 888 Casino slot, regardless of category.

Top Features of Tiger Lord Imperial 88

  • This slot features 1,024 different pay lines, ranking in the middle of other progressive payout slots
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.88 and the maximum bet is $8.80, maintaining the ’88’ theme within the name
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $250,000, making it one of the lowest max payout slots amongst 888 Casino progressives
  • Checking in with a 96.08 percent RTP, Tiger Lord Imperial 88 maintains an excellent rate of theoretical return for a progressive slot machine offering
  • Landing six Credit Prize symbols will trigger a Hold and Win bonus and grants five free spins to start
  • Hold and Win Bonus can multiply winnings up to 8x
  • Imperial Jackpot Bonus is triggered randomly with a certain combination of Wilds and coins
  • Three bonus symbols grant 8 free spins to players of Tiger Lord Imperial 88 and can also be retriggered during these spins to grant even more free play spins

Raging Rhino

Raging Rhino is one of the coolest slots offered at 888 Casino in a holistic sense. There are tons of ways to win with this slot and an excellent amount of free spin and Wild opportunities to bunch wins up while playing. Players are taken on a journey through the African safari with animals standing as the primary symbols for this slot.

This includes crocodiles, gorillas, leopards, and the biggest symbol – the raging rhino. One thing that is of particular note with this slot as well is the amazing soundtrack that is in place. Most slots do not have amazing soundtracks like this one does. For a progressive slot at 888 Casino, we would consider this one to be one of the most well-rounded offerings right now.

Top Features of Raging Rhino

  • This slot features 4,096 pay lines and has six reels, making it one of the more complex progressive slots at 888 Casino in terms of its actions
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.40 while the maximum bet is $60.00, providing a mediocre range and practically eliminating high stakes slot players from its player pool
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $250,000, making it one of the smallest progressive jackpot payouts available at 888 Casino right now
  • The slot has a reasonable 95.91 percent RTP in place, making it a relatively average slot in terms of theoretical returns to players of Raging Rhino
  • Free Spins play an enormous role on this slot as scattered FEATURE symbols can awards anywhere from 8 to 50 free spins, with six symbols granting the maximum of 50 free spins
  • This slot has a bonus guarantee in place so that players are guaranteed 10x their total bet during the free spins feature, also including scatter pay

Mercy of the Gods

Mercy of the Gods is another well-rounded progressive slot that can be found on the 888 Casino platform. The slot’s theme is largely based in Ancient Egypt with the god Isis as the story of the slot’s main character. Players are able to win prizes based on the amount of action that the Egyptian gods have on an individual spin, including the eye of Ra and Anubis.

All in all, this slot has everything a progressive slot machine should and if you are getting started at 888 Casino as a slot player, this is one of our best recommendations.

Top Features of Mercy of the Gods

  • This slot features just 20 paylines, providing one of the smallest amounts of ways to win amongst all progressive jackpot slots
  • The minimum bet on this slot is $0.20 while the maximum bet is $100.00, giving a solid range of betting for players of all kinds
  • The maximum payout on this slot is $350,000
  • The slot has one of the highest RTP percentages out of any of the 888 Casino slots period with a 96.64 percent rate
  • Despite the high RTP rate relative to other progressive jackpot slots on the platform, this is no doubt a high volatility slot
  • Free re-spins are triggered more by collecting 3 or more Scatter symbols and Gift of Life Re-Spins
  • Gift of Wealth Jackpot can be hit if players are able to obtain three or more bonus symbols collected during the main game and Gift of Life Re-Spins activate it overall
  • This slot features Minor, Major, and Mega Jackpots based on the amount of Bonus symbols received

888 Casino Slots Bonuses

There are tons of different bonuses that 888 Casino offers for its slot machines, which we have already mentioned previously. 888 Casino offers some of the best promotions in the industry, in fact.

888 Casino offers its users an opportunity to double their investment in the casino with a 100% match bonus. Newly registered players on the platform will only be eligible for this bonus once, and once the bonus has been received by a user, that user will not be eligible to receive it for a second time.

Users who are looking for a more lucrative package as a welcome offer and who are likely to deposit at 888 Casino more often and to play more often once they have deposited, may find the premium welcome package to be their best option. In response to this, users can earn up to $1,500 as a bonus in their first week of play with wagering conditions being met in order to qualify for the offer.

The bonus is available on each of the first five deposits a user makes with 888 Casino. A lot of online casinos that have slot machines offer a wide array of bonuses and promotions from which you can choose to benefit, but this one is amongst the absolute best.

In addition, users can receive 88 free spins at one of the predetermined slots on the list provided by 888 Casino upon making their first deposit.

Slots Strategy at 888 Casino

In spite of the fact that slots are perhaps the easiest games to play in an online casino, they are also the most difficult to win in the long run based on their RTP percentages. The good news is that there are many different strategies that you can use to minimize the house’s edge in slot games, and players should fully take advantage of all of them.

When you play slots at 888 Casino, you will be able to get the most bang for your buck with these strategies being presented via The Game Day Casino. Some things to keep in particular mind include:

High RTP

As we have already pointed out, RTP is one of the most important factors you need to consider prior to playing a slot machine. The RTP can also be known as ‘return to player’ or payback percentage, indicating the likelihood that in the long run, players will be able to recoup a portion of their stake on each wager.

For example, a slot machine that displays a 96.9 percent RTP details that players can expect to lose $3.10 on every $100 they wager at the individual slot machine. RTP percentages vary greatly from one slot to another, with volatility playing a huge role in determining these percentages.

It is important for players to find the slots that have the highest return to player rates (RTP) in combination with some of the highest possible net payouts. All slot machines have pay tables that discuss the expected returns for players and should be fully acknowledged before playing them.

Free Spins

One of the best ways to get a return on your wagering is by gaining access to free spins at slot machines. It is important to note that not all slot machines offer free spins, and players should pay attention to this. In terms of net profit at slots, free spins are practically the only way in which users can make some profit in the long run if they are lucky enough to hit big at this feature.

You should ensure that the slot machine you would like to play on offers free spins before you take part in any slot gaming in order to maximize your chances of winning. The free spins can be helpful in reducing the volatility of a slot machine and minimizing the house’s advantage over the long run.

Special Features

Furthermore, special features are another method through which players can multiply their slot earnings and can maximize their profits in addition to free spins. It is difficult to hit these features however, just as free spins are difficult to acquire as well. Since there are so many symbols in each slot machine, regardless of how many reels there are, it is extremely difficult as a player for you to get special features to work in your favor.

Despite this, players can still maximize their chances of winning by playing on machines that have the most special features available to unlock winnings. It is also more likely that machines with a high percentage of these features also offer the highest RTP percentage as they are more likely to pay back to players than other types of slots. Consider special features if you’re looking for the closest thing you can find to a gambling safety net when you’re exploring slot machines for the big wins.

Can You Play Mobile Slots On 888 Casino?

As a leading provider of online casino gaming, 888 Casino does indeed provide slots for mobile devices. In this case, 888 Casino’s mobile slots are an excellent opportunity for players who do not possess a desktop or laptop computer, as they can play 888 Casino slots from the comfort of their phone.

Currently, 888 Casino offers Android and Apple devices access to its mobile slots software. Android devices will find this software in the Google Play Store, while iOS devices will find it in the Apple Store. The MacOS platform as well as other operating systems for laptops are not currently available in the form of a download for this platform.

The 888 Casino mobile slots work much the same as they do online, it’s just that you can access them in a different way. Players can receive a $20 bonus when they download the 888 Casino mobile platform on their device and make a deposit of any amount. You can take advantage of this offer until the end of 2022. In addition, there is a wagering requirement associated with this offer along with a rollover requirement of 60x.

888 Casino is only open to New Jersey residents over the age of 21 who have a mobile device through which they can play the casino games. The 888 Casino mobile software offers players the choice of blackjack, roulette, and live dealer games in addition to mobile slots.

The Key Terms of Slots

Let’s take a look at some terminology that you need to know before you begin playing online casino slots.

  • RTP: An important statistic to be aware of when playing online slot machines is the return to player, or RTP, which is also known as the theoretical rate of return. A return on the player’s investment (RTP) is the amount that can realistically be expected to be lost in the long run on their investment.
  • Random Number Generator: For the purposes of ensuring a fair gaming experience for all players, all forms of online gaming use something called a random number generator, or RNG. Random number generators are extremely important when it comes to slot machines, in particular, since their proper functioning ensures that machines will leak out funds at the appropriate rate. Over the long run, this ensures that players will lose no more than their expected return on investment (RTP).
  • Volatility: One of the most important concepts to address in addressing slot gaming, or any form of gambling for that matter, is the concept of volatility. The level of volatility associated with all games differs from one to another, with some games showing a standard house edge but others only showing that edge on a long-term basis.
  • Reels: Reels are important to note as many slots operate under the standard three to five-reel formats, but others can offer far more ways to win with more reels. Outside of the conventional formatting of slots in terms of the amount of reels on each machine, there are video slots that present other formatting styles. These types of slots can have as many as seven reels with horizontal reels and even another entire section of reels, all within one machine.
  • Paylines: The concept of paylines is also extremely important to understand when it comes to playing online video slots. In short, the paylines on a slot machine are what grant the players their winnings. The paylines of each slot machine differ from one another, which means that different combinations of the paylines result in different returns for players.
  • Bonus Rounds: This is where most of the really large wins at slot machines usually come from. It is possible to give players risk-free opportunities to win prizes on the slot machines by giving them bonus rounds or free spins. The only way for players to unlock these features is by receiving a certain amount of symbols in regular slot play that will entitle them to a certain amount of free spins.
  • Jackpots: Among all of the slot machine subcategories that can be found on platforms that offer slot machine gaming, jackpot slots can offer some of the largest prizes as well. It is extremely rare to hit the jackpot on any of the jackpot slots since they have a predetermined top prize of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, some jackpot slots reach a maximum amount of credits that can be acquired in a much easier manner, as opposed to others.
  • Wilds: Almost all slot machines have something called ‘wild’ symbols that allow users the opportunity to multiply their winnings exponentially and can create tumbling effects that can also grow earnings. The addition of wilds to each payline at the right time can truly be the difference between immense scores at slot machines. Most slots do not give out these wild symbols very often, considering that they have tons of other symbols that can be triggered in a variety of ways.
  • Auto Spins: In a slot machine, players have the option to adjust a certain number of automatic spins that will take place when they enter the machine. In other words, if a player is interested in playing 100 automatic spins of $0.50 each, then they will be putting $50 into play without having to press the ‘spin’ button or something along those lines every time to keep playing. This makes playing slots a whole lot easier and a lot faster.
  • Pay Tables: A paytable for a slot machine is basically the menu of options that players can adjust for an individual slot machine, allowing them to tailor the game to their preferences as much as possible. The paytable menu can usually be found alongside all of the other settings at the slot machine, along with the volume and auto-play settings that can be adjusted. This paytable will provide players with all the important information they need to know about the slot game, as well as how they can win while playing it.
  • Scatters: On certain slot titles, scatter symbols are one of the bonus symbols that can be found. There are some symbols that will not appear on every slot machine, however, and are more likely to be found on progressive and jackpot slots. The scatter symbol is equivalent to the wild symbol, and some machines actually have both features available, but they usually provide the player with different benefits.

What Other Casino Games Are Available at 888 Casino?

888 Casino offers tons of other top 888 casino games to their user base outside of slot machines. 888 Poker has become one of the 888 brand’s most popular forms of online gaming, offering different stakes and types of online poker gaming. This product is only available in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware as 888 Poker has partnered directly with the World Series of Poker in recent months.

In addition to poker and slots, 888 Casino offers tons of live dealer games that cannot be found at all other major online casinos including live dealer roulette, live dealer craps, and live dealer blackjack. Outside of the major types, they also have niche games like Caribbean Stud poker, Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker, and Bac Bo. 888 Casino is truly the most diverse online casino in the industry right now due to this diversity of offerings.

If you are looking for other action away from the slot machines, take a look at 888 Casino’s other games. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with their vast selection.