Tamara Tasic

About Tamara

Tamara is an expert content writer, specialized in online casinos, and gambling topics. After graduating from Law School, she has become a specialist in legal practice and then put this knowledge into the gambling industry. Tamara is able to conceptualize and analyze complex subjects and bring them closer to readers. She joined The Game Day Casino as a content writer in November 2021.

Tamara’s Experience

Tamara started her content writer career back in 2016 when she was mainly freelancing around different topics, with a focus on the casino, gambling, real estate, law, technology, and marketing.

During her freelancing career, she obtained a profound knowledge of SEO, Analytics, Proofreading, and Translation. She took part in different writing projects, which allowed her to excel in the content production area.

Tamara has been working on short and long writing pieces, reviews, expert opinions, essays, books, and much more.

Taking on the Gambling Sector

After becoming a versatile and authoritative writer, Tamara turned her focus on the gambling sector. As of 2018, she has been working exclusively on casino content and now she has almost five years of gambling writing experience.

She coped with the latest news from the casino sphere and produced different pieces about the newest collaborations in the gambling sector, the latest promotions at casinos, new slot releases, and regulatory updates. This enabled her to put her gambling-oriented career to the next level, with the opportunity to actively participate in the analysis of competitors and search for the best SEO practice.

Later on, Tamara started writing on the land-based casino industry. Apart from contributing to the newest releases and distribution agreements in the sector, Tamara has also been writing about brick-and-mortar casinos opening, regulatory reforms, new gambling markets, and the latest projects in the industry. This made her capable of comparing different gambling forms and explaining them to typical readers.

Tamara is also a passionate researcher. Her obsession with research is remarkable and she always looks for relevant sources before putting words on a paper. This allows her to analyze any situation from different angles and produce the best pieces of content.

Spinning the Reels

Tamara knows that casinos should be a way of entertainment and fun. That’s why she prefers online slots when it comes to online casino games. She likes the thrill of online slots alongside the opportunity to play without worrying about complex rules and tactics.

While she admits that slots are the first choice for her, she can’t deny her enthusiasm about video poker. She is particularly impressed by poker strategies and the brainstorming process in the game.

Tamara’s Hobbies

Tamara is an avid sports enthusiast and fun. She enjoys both watching and analyzing sports betting events, putting the emphasis on different markets and sports categories.

Apart from her passion for gambling and sports, she is also interested in learning new languages and improving her skills. She speaks four languages aside from her native and enjoys learning about new cultures and traditions. Tamara is an obsessed traveler, having visited many countries worldwide. She is also a book lover and blogger.